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Panacea Hospital opens 24 x 7 with emergency department laced with emergency medicines. RMO’s and a team of medical experts reside round the clock to deal with emergencies. It nests 8 ventilators equipped beds (ICU) & specialized ambulance, taking patient direct to the threshold of ICU through well brooded Hospital emergency routes.

Blood Bank

At Panacea we believe in complete Patient care under one roof with a view to strengthen the Patient care, the hospital provides 24x7 fully functional blood bank which offers whole blood, Packed Red Blood cells(PRBC), Fresh frozen Plasma(FFP), Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP), Platelets Concentrate(PLC) and Platelet apheresis.


The ICU of Panacea with all the state-of-the-art facilities has got an attached doctor room and platform of medical staff to keep in touch every second with the patient admitted. ICU has its own drug store. ICU is double door shielded with air cutters. Panacea Hospital dedicates a 10 bedded ventilators equipped Intensive care unit ( ICU).
The hospital has got a team of critical care unit ranging from anesthesiology & surgical intensivists critical care nurses, respiratory theralrists to closely supervise patient. Owns drug store.ICU is equipped with 4 Adult Ventilator to deal with any kind of Medical complication.


At Panacea we ensure the special care for the special needs of the newborns and provide them with the best medical care from one of our neonatal and pediatric superspecialists as well as support from the best of technology.The state of the art NICU is monitored 24 x 7 by experienced neonatologist and intensive care specialists.The NICU at Panacea comes equipped with with a set of advanced machines such as Bi pap, Cpap, Radiant warmers etc.NICU is equipped with three neonatal ventilators.


Panacea hospital nests Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU),a multidisciplinary unit that provides care for the children,infants and teenagers in case of any critical injury or emergency.A skilled team of specialists in intensive care ensure round the clock optimum care and management of the children.The intensivistshld the best experience and training of the best centres in India and abroad.Equipped with the advanced technology, our multidisciplinary PICU team improves survival,speeds recovery,minimizes disability and relieves pain and suffering in a delicate manner.

Adult and Neonatal Ventilators

In order to avoid any mishap,ensuring the care upto the highest level,Panacea Hospital maintains state-of-the-art Adult and Neonatal ventilators with the advanced technology and facilities.Our team of expert doctors ensure the best outcomes with their round the clock dedicated services. At Panacea Hospital, we are always one step ahead of any emergency situation.

General and Laproscopic surgery

Panacea provides laproscopy – a surgery done through one or more small incisions,using small tubes,tiny cameras and surgical instruments.The well trained laproscopic surgeons at Panacea deals with Colestectomy, Appendictomy and so on.


Hospital hosts department of Nephrology concerning treatments of kidney functions & kidney problems, preservation of kidney health & problems ranging form diet, medication renal replacement therapy ( Dialysis & transplant) A physician expert in nephrology with medical team discharges responsibilities.


Due to surge in Cardiology problems,the hospital provides the facility of Ecocardiography so as to diagnose the problems related to cardiac system.


The department of Radiology has got all latest and International class machines to diagnose diseases and to take prompt actions.
X-Ray- Panacea Hospital has got latest X-ray machines of AllengerT Which help penetrating ionizing radiation to take picture of dense tissues.
CT Scan- Hospitals consists computed tomography (CT) scans of GET company which allows to see inside body with the co-ordination of computer to produce pictures of required object.
Ultrasound - Panacea Hospital nests very latest ultrasound machines to see internal body structure such as tendons, muscles, joints, blood vessels and internal organs.


Pathology of Panacea Hospital is equipped with Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology blood cell counter with two high power micro scope of 'Olympus'T.


Panacea Hospital caters for all needs. It takes all the pain that the facilities provided in all wards are not only deluxe cozy, comfortable & glossy but also under the range of masses.
General wards : This is similar to air coordinated dormitory with 7 to 9 beds & 3 common washrooms. Every bed is provided cupboard, footstool, food trolley & a screen between each bed. Oxygen, Nurse Station & proper rest area for attendants.
Semi private ward : Chilled air conditioned rooms inter connected by a washroom equipped with telephone & a couch, bifurcated by linen, sharing 3-4 beds.
Private wards : There are a cosy comfortable air conditioned rooms with television telephone, sofa set, storage facilities, cot, an attendant cot, and a dining table. Separate, washroom with 24 hours warm water and +O2.
Deluxe ward : The suite comprises well furnished air conditioned rooms, dining table, microwave, electronic cattle & couple of books, patient cot, an attendant cot, television, sofa set, telephone, refrigerator, wardrobe, dining table, architecturally, located to enhance peace of mind.

Operation Theater(OT)

Panacea Hospital has two separate operation theaters. One is meant for Orthopedic department & second one for Surgery & C-section. Both the operation theaters are triple shielded along with a doctor room for rest and a change area equipped with scrub station. Door of the theater are hermetically sealed with laminar floor.


Panacea Hospital emphasis particularly health after treatment. An specialist dietician guides food requirements & nourishment during the stay in hospital & at the time when patient is discharged so that a hundred percent health recovery could be obtained.


Panacea Hospital provides physiotherapy in accordance with the holistic approach to the prevention,diagnosis and therapeutic management of pain , disorders of movement as well as habilitation and rehabilitation.The exercise of clinical judgement and informed interpretation is done by the experts to ensure proper and all round care and recovery of the patients.

Empanelled with Ayushmaan Bharat Yojana and all other major TPA’s & Insurance companies

Panacea Hospital is the first and the only NABH accredited hospital in the district Amroha.It ensures high quality of care and patient safety.Moreover, supporting the country and the schemes run by the government and insurance companies to benefit all the people, empanelment with PMJAY and all other major TPA’s and insurance companies make Panacea the first choice in every scenario for the people.

Panacea hospital and research centre
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